Outlook Calendars for Confluence

Outlook Calendars for Confluence Next level calendaring

Benefit from the most versatile calendar solution for Confluence: Show all project dates in a single overview. Combine your team’s Outlook calendar and important Jira milestones to get the most accurate schedule.

Features & Benefits

Main Features

  • Add Outlook calendars to Confluence pages – personal or shared
  • Schedule meetings in Confluence
  • Use the scheduler view for project planning
  • Visualize Jira issues and sprints in a calendar view
  • Add Confluence pages to Outlook meeting requests
  • Create new team calendars and add them to Outlook


  • Get a complete overview of all relevant dates in Confluence
  • Improve your project management with better transparency
  • Simplify user access to shared Outlook calendars
  • Avoid managing events in multiple places
  • Improve meeting efficiency by adding a Confluence page to your Outlook meeting request
  • Works on Confluence Server and Cloud

Use Cases

There are many different use cases for our Outlook calendar solution within the Confluence environment. Here are just a few inspirations…


  • Add a Confluence page to your Outlook meeting to collaboratively work on the agenda without leaving Outlook
  • Use the Confluence page for meeting notes, linked in the Outlook meeting for quick access


  • Manage room reservations for meetings etc.
  • Create a calendar for your team members’ birthdays
  • Keep an overview of your team’s vacation leave
  • Add a calendar to see all your events at a glance

Project planning

  • Get a complete overview of milestones, deadlines and team member availability and make them accessible to everyone
  • Add relevant deadlines to your personal calendar
  • Align a project timeline with your own availability when working in Outlook

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