Connect with us yasoons' digital coffee break

Connect with us | yasoons' digital coffee break
At yasoon our apps thrive on an user-first approach: We develop features based on customer feedback. So what better way to fill-up our backlog, than to get in contact with our customers, partners and Atlassian admins and users. We’d love to show you how our connected workplace looks like – and get your opinion.

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Connect with us | yasoons' digital coffee break

Smart workflows with smart apps

Elon Musk is flying to Mars and you’re still copying and pasting? Bouncing between Atlassian and Microsoft products? And you have so many ‘productivity tools’ that you can’t work productively? Our apps help you to put the flow back into your day-to-day work.


Outlook E-Mail for Jira

Intuitively access all relevant Jira features right from your Outlook inbox – create and update issues or see all issue information in a sidebar.

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Outlook Meetings for Jira

Schedule Microsoft Teams and Outlook meetings in Jira. See availabilities and easily send meeting requests.

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Microsoft To Do for Jira

Get an overview of your daily tasks right in one place: Sync all of your Jira issues automatically in your chosen Microsoft To Do list.

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Outlook Calendars for Confluence

Next level calendaring – your calendar in Confluence powered by Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange.

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Outlook Meetings for Confluence

Plan your meeting agenda collaboratively in Outlook – using your Confluence meeting notes page.

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Want to connect your work worlds?

Let’s grab a coffee online

In our digital coffee break we show you how to bring your Microsoft and Atlassian tools together – and achieve a fully connected workplace. Also, we would love to hear about your visions of digital work!





Chat with one of our team members starting March 30th.

Americano with Timur

Timur is a developer at yasoon – and also the only one working on a Mac. He started as a intern and is with us ever since, so he has whole lot of experience in yasoons’ apps.

Flat White with Daniel

Before Daniel started as a developer at yasoon, he studied to be a teacher. So he is more than ready to teach you something about our products and new digital workflows.

Cappuccino with Nicki

Nicki is our partner manager – so she knows A LOT about the Atlassian ecosystem. She heard plenty use cases of our apps and is happy to give you some insights.

Espresso with Johannes

Johannes is the newest member of our developer team. He challenges us with new ideas every day – and is happy to hear your thoughts on our apps and your use cases.

Latte Macchiato with Tamara

Tamara knows everything about Marketing – and of course the yasoon apps. She crafted cool workflows to show you how a connected workplace looks like.

Meet us in person

We still don’t know whether or not it’s possible to meet us in person later this year. As for now, we’re listing the events we’re hoping to attend – always keeping in mind that this could change every day.

14 MAY
kreuzwerker Day
Berlin (GER)
09 JUN
11 JUN