Outlook Email for Jira

Outlook Email for Jira Access Jira features directly from Microsoft Outlook

Constantly switching between Microsoft Outlook and Jira is both time-consuming and annoying. Our Outlook Email for Jira app is an extension of your email inbox, letting you intuitively access all relevant Jira features right from Microsoft Outlook.

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Features & Benefits

Main Features

  • Create and update Jira issues in Outlook, based on the content of your email.
  • Apply attachments and text formats (like lists, colors and tables).
  • Get intelligent suggestions for Jira issues based on the content and sender of the email.
  • See all important information on issues (status, priority etc.) in a separate sidebar.
  • See at a glance which emails have an issue assigned to them.
  • Email issues to inform coworkers and customers.
  • Instead of Jira notification emails, you get an overview of your relevant Jira action items sortable by the filters you know from Jira.

Benefits for users

  • Avoid gaps in Jira and email workflows
  • Save time when handling your emails
  • Easy to set-up and use without training

Benefits for companies

  • Increase adoption of Jira throughout your company:
    • Users are more likely to use Jira in the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment.
    • The Jira look and feel makes it easy to use the add-in without training.
  • Don’t worry about compatibility: Outlook Email for Jira works on all devices.

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