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Your customer is using Jira or Confluence? Our products are essential for success when implementing Atlassian software in Microsoft-based companies.

As an Atlassian Top Vendor from Germany, we’re technical experts for Atlassian’s and Microsoft’s product ranges. With years of experience in add-in development, we harness the latest technologies to craft a more productive workplace.

Use us to open doors

If your customer is a Microsoft Office power user, they’ll be looking into integrations when choosing Atlassian products. Make their decision for Jira and Confluence easier by bundling our product that connects to their Microsoft world.

Increase adoption

Their colleagues working in commercial functions depend on Outlook and will adopt Jira and Confluence a lot quicker if they can be integrated into their daily routine. This maximizes usage of Atlassian products.

Get your Sales commission

Of course, we also offer the standard sales commission of up to 20% on server Sales.

Get started

Want to test our apps in your own company? We’ll hook you up with free licenses you can use in your team. Just give us a quick notice on

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